Healthy children are our future

Gracious Heart Charity Foundation  is an independent, non-profit organisation registered in the United Kingdom in August 2013.

Our mission is to help children with physical disabilities and to also improve the lives of their families and carers.

The charity's focus is on the needs of children who are affected by cerebral palsy.

This is a condition associated with impaired movement, muscular activity and coordination.

Gracious Heart's work includes: support of rehabilitation centres and families with children who have cerebral palsy, creating and developing social projects on raising awareness about CP and doing a lot of research on various methods of rehabilitation and clinics that provide best solutions for the disability.

We also pay a lot of attention to children's mental condition and social integration. Our ultimate goal is to help children with cerebral palsy feel comfortable in society, offer the support they desperately need and to educate the public on misconceptions regarding cerebral palsy.



The Cerebral Palsy MissionTatiana

Life entails movement to a great extent. Almost everything moves-the stars, the planets, the air and the list continues. However, imagine for a second living with a partially functioning brain that severely impedes muscle control and movement. This must be a rather unpleasant life, especially for children, who naturally spend a significant amount of time being playful.This is just a glimpse of the life of someone living with cerebral palsy.

With the birth rate in excess of 700,000 per year there may be as many as 1800 new cases of cerebral palsy in children each year globally. It is estimated that 1 in 400 babies born in the UK have a type of cerebral palsy. Some might say that these figures are not necessarily high.However, we beg to differ. From our point of view, this is an indication that 1800 babies, born yearly, will not have the chance of living life to the fullest. It is also tells us that 1 out every 400 baby, in the UK, will not develop to contribute to our society to a great extent.

There is a need to support persons living with cerebral palsy and also their families. As such, we, the Gracious Heart Charity Foundation has taken the initiative of making the lives of these individuals more pleasant in the UK. We have recognized that children and adults living with this condition also have genuine humanistic wants and needs. We are aware that these individuals have hearts and souls as any ordinary human beings; hearts that needs to be fed with warmth and souls that needs to be supplied with positive energy. This is the kind of mind-set that fuels the engine of our organization.

2015 was somewhat of a fulfilling year for the Gracious Heart Charity Foundation. We managed to support a few families in acquisition of their rehabilitation courses, covered in Adeli medical centre and in Brainwave. We certainly wish we could have done more, but we have hope for greater prosperity in the future. We are grateful for last years’ accomplishments, because they provide insights going into 2016 which is of great significance.

2016 promises to be a more fulfilling year. We have launched an amazing campaign that aims at creating awareness of the organization and the needs of victims of cerebral palsy. Additionally, various fundraising events have been organized. Happily, we have also managed to enlarge our team, which means a more effective organization. A number of new projects have also been initiated which are currently at preparation stage.

We request your support in creating awareness of our organization. By doing this, people will see the heart of the organization and will be willing to provide support. We are on a quest for growth. There is also a dream of us reaching out to victims and families on a global platform. Certainly this will not take one or two persons to achieve. However, all great things have a start. Therefore, our dream can become a reality with your help.

I invite everyone to come on board in support of individuals and families dealing cerebral palsy. There is much you can do to help the cause. It might be that you are not able to provide monetary support, but there are a lot of ways that your support and heart for the mission can be expressed. Let us bravely reach out and touch someone who has being touched by cerebral palsy. I thank you.